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Why Move Yourself?
I have lived in Dallas for 10 years, and I live relatively close to the Cooper Fitness Center. I remember that every time I was passing by the Cooper Fitness Center, I felt curious about how was inside of that beautiful old house. One day, I decided to visit it just to see what was inside, and what equipment they had. I parked my car and I went into the building to look around. People at the front desk were very helpful and kind, so they gave me a tour around the area. I was so impressed that I want it to know more about this fitness center. They told me that it was founded by Dr. Cooper, who introduced the aerobics world-wide. I was so impressed that I decided to join. I was there for two years, and I left because it was hard for me to afford it at that time, and I was not taking full advantage of all the great amenities offered. I have to admit that I was very lazy, and I was not going to exercise often. I really love this fitness center, and for this reason, when I saw the books for the assignments, I did not think twice in choosing Move Yourself, authored by Tedd Mitchell, M.D. Tim Church, M.D., Ph.D. and Martin Zucker.
Obsession with Thinness
I strongly agree with the concept that people come in different sizes and shapes, even if we do not like it. Not everybody that is thin and beautiful is always healthy. The problem is that we are obsessed with weight and dieting, and all the advertisement we watch on TV, and magazines do not help much. For this reason, I was very surprised to read that according to Mitchell et al., (2008), “If you constantly and unsuccessfully wage war to lose some extra pounds and keep them off, you are wasting your time. Forget the weight. Instead, get fit, ever if just moderatel...

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... even if is a little.
Moving Towards the New Me
I have to say that I really enjoyed reading Move Yourself since I think that has valuable information that is easy to put into practice. As I said earlier, I used to be lazy, to exercise, but now after following my contract, and seeing the results, I am not considering myself lazy, but actively getting in the way to very active. I decided to keep this book as guidance because it makes me feel motivated to exercise and I am moving towards to the new me.

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