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In today’s world, we are becoming increasingly reliant upon machines and products to assist in our everyday lives. While it is easy to blame these inventions on laziness, realistically these products not only increase efficiency of our work, they can also increase the safety, reliability, and quality of our work. Plato said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and while I agree with his quote, I don’t believe necessity is the only reason new products are invented. Many times new products are needed to increase the likelihood of achieving a specific result. Mr. Conrad mentioned during his interview how his company assisted with the development of medical robots. While a human may be able to perform the specific tasks that the robot was designed for, it may be more effective for a robot to complete as the desired results can be more repeatable. It’s relatively easy to discover a need for a product, but lack of resources can severely hinder the actual product development. This is where Jeremy Conrad of Lemnos Labs steps in. Lemnos Labs can assist entrepreneurs and inventors with making their idea for a product a reality through their hardware incubator program. Lemnos has an interesting video posted on their website of an interview of a team developing a machine for making hamburgers. As I previously stated, it’s easy to make an inaccurate assumption that the development of this machine is due to lack of ambition from minimum wage kitchen workers to make a hamburger, but are there any other benefits? Perhaps the inventor of this product had become ill from food poisoning due to cross-contamination during food preparation by inexperienced or untrained kitchen staff. Or perhaps a kitchen worker was injured from a ho... ... middle of paper ... ...bs’ service would be the forethought to designing a product from the beginning to meet approval requirements. An electrical device may incorporate a certain design that will function, but without the insight from Lemnos Labs, that product may not have been designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories’ rigid criteria for approval. Without that assistance, one may end up with a product that will require extensive redesign and cost. I’m really impressed with the idea of a startup incubator service. After a quick Google search, it appears that Lemnos is not the only incubator, but is surely one of the better ones. The assistance that is offered by these type of services can greatly assist an entrepreneur in transitioning a product from a concept to a reality. I will certainly rely on some professional assistance when I am ready to go to market with my amazing idea.

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