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What is Tesla Inc.? Tesla Inc. is an luxury all-electric car company, in the automotive and energy storage industries. Aside from cars, Tesla also does research in renewable energy, producing home batteries and solar panels. Tesla makes four models of cars, including the Model X, Model S, Model 3, and Roadster. Based in the United States, it is an international company, selling and shipping cars all over the world. It is a public corporation that works in manufacturing and retail. Instead of franchising car dealerships, Tesla deals in direct sales, and all of their showrooms are owned by the company. Their mission is to "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy" and prove that electric cars can be just fast and fun to drive as gasoline cars.…show more content…
While this could be considered a need or a want, the purpose of a car is to be able to get around without having to rely on others or public transit. Another need that is satisfied is esteem. These cars are luxury vehicles, and are often purchased as a status symbol, to make the people driving the cars feel good. Since they are also environmentally friendly and socially responsible, this satisfies the self-actualization need, as they are morally and ethically better. This is also true for Tesla's home batteries, as they give consumers the electricity they need to do various things around the house, while at the same time being environmentally responsible and filling the self-actualization need. The home batteries, while not a necessity, power different things around the house to fill at least a few needs in almost every other category, for example heating, security systems, appliances, etc. Tesla is also known for being very innovative and pushing boundaries, and buying their products can make consumers feel like they are a part of this, contributing to their esteem and self-actualization

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