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Article summary
The article written by Bertel Schmitt concerns the topic of Tesla's success on the market, in particular, the lack of it, considering the active work of the competitors to boost their products and to promote them. While the statistics collected by the EV Volumes database provide a predict a positive development of the car industry in terms of use of the electric vehicles, for Tesla this news is not a positive one. The problem for Tesla lies in the fact that the majority of the vehicles that would be sold on the market would belong to the places where Tesla does not have success in contrast to its competitors.
Tesla's concentration on the idea that the American market is the one that requires electric vehicles is a mistake
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The loss of success occurs based on several factors that influence the promotion of the brand and its perception by the customers. One of the problems that are highlighted in the article is the inappropriate targeting of the consumers and the markets, which leads to the loss of success.
The raised in the article problems also concern the strategies of the company's in terms of promoting the brand and products. Not considering the market research tends to result in the negative outcomes for the company, in particular in the loss of clients and business position. Besides, the brand always needs promotion to win the consumers and the markets.
In spite of this, having gained recognition in the home market, Tesla believed that their innovative view and brand name would make all the work and sell their cars. Nevertheless, such approach to the promotion of brand appeared unsuccessful. Hence, the mistakes in the promotion of the brand name, as well as the reliance on the strategy of self-marketing of the brand, resulted in the reduced success of the company. While they were focused on their strengths in the promotion of the positive image of the company, they have neglected the negative
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Besides, it depicts the negative outcomes to which negatively designed marketing strategy might lead. Finally, it also emphasizes the essential need for the companies to consider the aspect of marketing research to become more successful.
What I learned
The article shows how crucial is the consideration of numerous aspects of the marketing strategy of the company. Actually, it shows how a company should not behave on the market by highlighting the problematic aspects that Tesla faced. After reading the article, it became clear that the brand needs support on the side of the managers and correctly designed strategies to retain its success and to increase its sales. The example of Tesla with its belief in the primacy of the American market has resulted in the decrease of the consumers in other markets and the loss of the large and influential market share.
The article shows that it is crucial for the company to observe the developments in the market and to adjust company's practices in a respective manner. Besides, the article deepens the idea of how important is the use of correct targeting and considering of the market needs. While the company usually should target several categories of consumers, the concentration on a single target group might have negative
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