Tesco Case Study

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Sustainable operation management is a management approach that involves planning, implementation and control of business processes that translate available resources into required product or service. It is the management of business practices, traditions and operations to promote highest level of efficiency, workflow, and increase productivity in an organization. This management strategy mainly ensures that available labor force and materials are changed into products or services in a cost effective way to increase the company’s returns (Corbett, 2009). It also involves production waste management, reducing food waste, creating new opportunities, environment protection, and improving customer health. Sustainable operation management in retail business industry around the world has gained momentum especially in the recent years. They are particularly linked to the concepts of corporate social responsibility and global warming (Tesco and Society, 2013).

While a number of organization have not adopted sustainable operations management strategy, retail firms like Tesco, Wallmart, Mark and Spencer, have adopted this concept in their management strategies to sustain the competitive advantage. A number of firms are willing to promote sustainability in their markets because strategy attracts and retains customers, nevertheless, competition and operating within certain boundaries does not allow them from achieving this objective. Tesco is the largest and only retail supermarket in the United Kingdom and entire globe that makes highest profits in a given financial year that has integrated sustainable operation management in all its stores. The firm has put in place sustainability mechanisms such as sustainable designs, processes, operat...

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