Terry Kay's To Dance with the White Dog

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Terry Kay's To Dance with the White Dog In the story To Dance with the White Dog, Sam’s daughters were constantly bothering him. Sam’s daughters thought that he could not do a single thing without them because their dad was getting older. Sam lost his wife of fifty-seven years, Cora, to a heart attack. Sam needed a companion, someone who could look at him and not think that he was losing his mind like his family did. One day Sam discovered a white dog running around his property. Sam did not want to support another stray dog like he did in the past. The white dog was something very special to him though. The white dog reminded Sam of a cute white fluffy dog that him and his wife had around the time they were first married. Sam’s daughters thought that the white dog was a figment of his imagination. White dog is real because of the physical evidence present from the time Sam discovered white dog to the time when white dog left him. Sam found white dog on the steps of his back porch licking up grease spots on the cement. Sam yelled at the white dog, “Get! Get!”(26). Sam then later saw strings of blood from where white dog was licking the cement. One night as well Sam fell on the floor in pain because of his hip. One of Sam’s daughters knew something was wrong because her father was never up that late at night. So, she sent her husband to check and see if everything was okay. When she looked out the window she saw the white dog running from the house with her own eyes. That was the first time that anyone was able to see the dog because white dog never went out of her way for anyone to see her until Sam was in desperate need of help. White dog would also run along the side of Sam’s truck to the graveyard to visit Cora’s final resting site. White dog was real because of her physically running after Sam’s truck. White dog was a special companion to Sam Peek. Sam was a lonely man and white dog kept him company. White dog was considered a figment of Sam’s imagination because no one could see her. There was physical evidence present that white dog was real.
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