Terrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as any act of violence or any dangerous act that that poses a threat to human life that violates federal and state laws. If the said violent acts are designed to try and influence the state government to act in any way through intimidation and/or coercion then that definitely is terrorism. Those performing acts of terror do so hoping to achieve a political, ideological or religious aim This acts of violence may include part or all of kidnapping, assassinations or mass destruction. Terrorism is of two type, that is, domestic terrorism and international terrorism. Domestic terrorism are act of terror that occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of a particular country. International terrorism on the other hand are acts of terror perpetuated and planned in other foreign countries other than the country in question. Terrorism is a relatively new phenomenon in the world. As recent as the turn of the millennium acts of terrorism were minimal up until September 11th, 2001when all hell broke loose. Al Qaeda masterminded one of the deadliest attack on American soil by blowing up the World Trade Centre by crashing four planes that they had hijacked into the building. Masterminds of this attack were Khaled Shaykh Muhammad and Osama Bin Laden (Riedel, 2011). From this point on words acts of terror have been on the rise with recent attacks witnessed in Paris 2015 and Brussels 2016. So as to protect its citizen’s post 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) undertook several measures to fight this vice. The DHS implemented a four point policy structure that touched on key issues such as: 1. Creation of a Homeland Security Enterprise that functioned to train perso... ... middle of paper ... ...is is because tourists will be discouraged from visiting the country. Externally, foreign relations will be compromised therefore affecting a country’s ability to receive financial aids and grants. Terrorism is yet to be solved in the world because cases of terrorism are still being reported. As recently as November 2015 the city of Paris was hit at two places claiming the lives of about 150 people. Terrorism will not end soon because there are plenty of sympathizers of terror groups. The Saudi’s of Saudi Arabia are among the leading financers of Al Qaeda (Meyer, 2008). If such groups continue getting monetary support, then what is to stop them from acts of terror? The west needs to stop overthrowing rulers by arming rebel group to fight the said rulers (Washington Blog Post, 2015). These same rebel group would later blow up buildings in cities in the west.

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