Terrorism: Public Safety More Important Than Freedom

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For decades, the world’s many governments have regarded safety as a high-ranked priority for their countries and their citizens, especially the American government. Though some high officials place freedom above safety, they realize that safety must be achieved before the average citizen approaches the concept of acquiring freedom. H.L. Mencken states that the average citizen will choose safety over freedom. The average citizen can be defined as a person who would rather put his safety before others even for the sake of his freedom; however, an extraordinary citizen will put his life on the line for others’ safety and freedom. As Alexander Hamilton said, “Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of […] national conduct. Even the ardent love of liberty will, after a time, give way to its dictates.” Hamilton says that when put against external dangers safety takes priority and the American citizens will accept certain limitations of freedoms for their safety. Also, Hamilton states that the love of freedom with eventually become surpassed by the need of safety. The average American citizen prefers safety above freedom; this is affirmed by the citizen’s desire to protect themselves by any means necessary against cultural, territorial, and terrorist threats.

The average American citizens require the protection of their variety of cultural beliefs and customs from possible threats. In American contemporary society, a citizen’s local police and his national government subject a citizen to follow the rules of their community when they are able to make decisions that could affect others. Every citizen is born with absolute freedom, yet each person must get up some of his or her rights for the wellbeing of their communit...

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...n average citizen must feel safe before they wish to achieve freedom because they would not want to be free without safety surrounding them because after they have achieved freedom they will still worry about their safety. However, H.L. Mencken provides the ideals toward safety for the average citizen and not the extraordinary citizens, who willing to risk their lives for the safety and freedom of their fellow citizens.

Hence, the average citizen would choose safety over freedom for the protection in case of cultural, territorial, and terrorists threats. The average citizen understands that safety must be attained before freedom because without feeling safe they cannot think about freedom. As Arnold Schwarzenegger states, “[the] government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety.” Freedom must become a second priority when put against public safety.
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