Terrorism Is A Big Problem

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Terrorism is a big problem in our world. First, what is needed is the meaning of terrorism. I will use Walter Lacquer definition of terrorism: the use of violence or the threat of it, method of combat or a tragedy to achieve certain targets or gains (What is Terrorism? 1). Terrorism aims to give a state or county population fear. Terrorist does not conform with humanitarian’s rules or decisions (What is Terrorism? 1). Knowing what it means is one thing now learning what the types are, the cause and how it affects the populations is another. Terrorist acts or threats have been affecting the world for so many years. It is longer than the modern nation state (What is Terrorism? 1). The concept of terrorism argues that the outcome of the action is what matters, not the intent (What is Terrorism? 1). That statement is the reason behind the phrase “One man’s terrorist: Is another man’s freedom fighter” (History of Terrorism 1). In 14th century AD the earliest known terrorist organization was the Zealots of Judea (History of Terrorism 1). They were assassinating anyone that was connect or working with the Romans. Then in the 19th century a group name Norodnya Volya (Peoples Will) from Russia decides to fight for indigenous socialism. The Noradnya Volya in some ways was different from the modern terrorist now, by calling off attacks if they felt that to many people will be endanger that wasn’t their target (History of Terrorism 2). Their similar traits to now are they use cellular organization, clandestine, and to increase violence to pressure the other side (History of Terrorism 2). During the 20th century, there were two effects of terrorism which was World War I and II (History of Terrorism 3). When the Cold War was developi... ... middle of paper ... ...It has been seen in recent years that children are being exploited to do the crime of the terrorist organization. Children are being train to assisted and bomb other individual and religions (Bloom M. & Horgan J 1). Knowing about terrorism and that it was on the Earth thousands of years ago is do unreal. But looking at now it is getting worst in these times. Some terrorist goes to the extreme on dismantling or removing whole race. With all the technology it has now it might not be getting better. These terrorist are becoming very outrageous and sad. They are making people feel like they can’t like a normal life without fear. Terrorism can affect any part of the world at any time, so people must be prepared. We will probably never understand why those people do what they do. Terrorist have their views of why they do what they do. Hopefully their view will change.

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