Terrorism In The West Case Study

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While the impact of terrorism on the West is by far more predominant in the media, it is easy to understand the majority of sympathy is pointed in that direction, however on deeper analysis and whilst maintaining a partial ethical view, I disagree with this because the West are the ones suffering the least from the impacts of terrorism, and are the ones who in fact created its own perpetrator. The west is anything but innocent when it comes to initiating terrorism. They claim to be doing the ‘right thing’ and the ‘heroes’ by fighting for their countries and saving their people from these monstrous invaders by intruding into other countries policies and fighting long wars against the terrorists killing more innocent people and causing more…show more content…
Only two days after the recent Belgium bombings, at least 30 people were killed at a football pitch in Iraq by a suicide bomber, which was claimed by the Islamic State. Just about as many people were killed in Belgium but this recent bombing in Iraq had not received the media attention or sympathy that a western country such as Belgium received. And only five days after the Belgium bombings there was a suicide blast in Pakistan killing at least 74 people which is over double the amount that was killed in the Belgium bombings but again, this did not receive the major media attention and support from the world like the Belgium bombings, and this has been the third terrorist attack in Pakistan this…show more content…
The United States is themselves right-wing extremists who are responsible for the more terrorist attacks than any other ideological group. You are more likely to be killed by a police officer than killed by a terrorist in the US, but gun laws remain the same and the security and action against terrorism only continues to increase. Isis kills more Muslims, than non-Muslims, but many western countries have created the ideology of Islamophobia, and claim that all Muslims are terrorists. When one thinks of a terrorist attack they automatically associate it with Islam, but never their own. Any attacks carried out by a Caucasian often has some excuse of ‘mentally ill’ and is let off with looser terms, but never a claimed as a

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