Terrorism Essay: American Gestapo

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American Gestapo A land that calls itself the "Beacon of Freedom and Democracy" has strange ways of demonstrating the accuracy of this claim. Tuesday its leader signed an executive order to the defense department that allows suspected terrorists to be tried by US military courts in US or abroad (provided the suspects are not US citizens). The orders are said to include people who have "aided or abetted" terrorists or those aiming to "to cause injury to the United States, its citizens, national security, foreign policy or economy." "It is not practicable..." it says, to apply "...the principles of law and the rules of evidence generally recognized..." The military tribunals will be allowed secret, closed hearings and can sentence suspects by a majority of two thirds of the judges (US officers of the armed forces). Same majority is needed to give the verdict of execution. No appeal is possible. First we have the interesting fact that even though the "Declaration of Independence", so hallowed by US of A, says that "all men are created equal" it seems very clear that to the present regime US citizens are "more" equal than non-citizens. Secondly, the notion that US arrogantly claims the right to set up military tribunals on foreign soil, secretly or not, to try foreign nationals, is an outrage to all democratically minded people around throughout world with more than the faintest notion of legality and justice. Thirdly the sweeping powers of the tribunals will be on a scale inviting the police fascist state to emerge without much to stop it. The Gestapo in Nazi Germany had those kinds of powers. There was no appeal to verdicts and decisions were made in secret by people there to "defend" the state against "terrorists" and other enemies. In combination with all the other anti-terrorist laws (and secret orders), that have been signed by the US president, its defense Secretary and Secretary of Justice, that discard like wasted stationery many amendments in the Bill of Rights (wiretapping, spying, searches, detention etc), this order adds to the undermining of the foundation of legality in a way that can be used by unscrupulous men to limit the freedoms of citizens in pursuing their own agenda. Gestapo didn't discriminate between nationals and non-nationals, btw. It is not unknown that certain states have decided, usually after meetings with some high-ranking military or politicians, to execute people considered to be a danger to the nation, the system or the regime.

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