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Brian McSherry Professor Shortland May 6, 2014 Terrorism Research Paper FARC-EP vs. AF “Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror.” -Vladimir Putin Nobody can truly identify the term “terrorism” with a universal definition but it is attempted by many and interpreted differently. The best way to put it would be the use of violence, to create fear either politically, religiously, or in terms of warfare. It is violence that attempts to bring out some important change. There are many characteristics involved in this field that makes it challenging to narrow down. The biggest separation on this topic is the split between left-wing terrorism and right-wing terrorism. Left-wing (or progressive) terrorism is mostly associated with communism, and tries to challenge the government by creating more options for economic and social equality. Right wing (or conservative) terrorism opposes systems designated to altering individual wealth. This is not only what these two groups of terrorism believe in, but it is also what they believe justifies their use of violence. All types of terrorism have certain similarities obviously, but there are many differences and variances in between the two sides of right and left extremism. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, also known as, FARC, is a prime example of a left wing terrorist organization, as opposed to the American Front, which is the prime example of a right-wing terrorist organization (Forest, 197 -228) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was established in 1964, and was originally meant to be the mil... ... middle of paper ... ... likely as right here in our country. Law Enforcement and other security professionals should learn from this research that, for the American Front, in order to stop recruitment, and lesson the amount of supporters, is to take the group that’s in prison and shut down there ability to function. Make them not able to recruit new members into the organization, diffuse the situation within. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia completely run by their drug trafficking cocaine into the United States. If Border Patrol in the United States, and other security agencies could prevent these sales from happening, less American money would have to go into the criminalization process of the drug, and the organization will receive a huge financial crash form not selling there drugs. This would prevent them from growing, and getting more weapons, and weakens them all around.

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