Terrorism And Terrorism Essay: Understanding War On Terror

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Phuong Tran
Mr. Coaty
Political Science 180
18 April 2014
Understanding War on Terror
Terrorism is becoming more serious in today’s world ever since the 911 attack. I still remember the day when the event happen; it was on September 11, 2001. I was at school sitting in my class during first period, and suddenly there was yelling and shouting in the hall saying terrorists attacked the Twin Towels. My biology teacher turned on the television, and we were all in shocked. Terrorists took control over total of four air planes. Two of the air planes destroyed the world trade center; one airplane flew into the Pentagon, and the other one dropped down on Pennsylvania. The tragedy was all over the news, media. People all around the world are still talking about the event until today; the day which we now call 911. The terrorist attack on the United States created a huge alarm all over the world because back in 2001 the security was somehow not as protective as now. I still remember watching the news reporting live at the scene and thinking whether if it was real or not because I was only 7 at the time. Later on, after knowing how serious the 911 attack were, I listened to my parents talking about the event and found out that thousands of innocent people were killed, and that was when I finally realized that the attack was real. 911 attack was known to be the most tragic attack ever happened to the United States. We don’t know why and when another attack might happen, and of course we never want any other terrorist attack to happen again. In order to protect ourselves and people we love from the hand of terrorism, we should know more about terrorism, and what we can do to prepare ourselves from another unpredictable attack.

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...rorists can happen at any moment, we should know that we are at war with the terrorists. With the information we saw in the text, we should not be careless thinking that attack like 911 will not happen again in the future, for we don’t know what the terrorists think. We should always be careful and ready to act when there terrorism happen because there will be times when we need to protect people that we love. Terrorists nowadays are not the same compare to those in the 1960s, for today technology has improved over the year. Even terrorists now are working on nuclear weapon. We don’t know exactly what is happening within their organization. As Americans, living in a country where terrorists once attacked, we should be able to protect our country as all cost, and we should also know information about terrorist’s organization after reading the book War on Terror.

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