Terrorism And Its Effect On Society

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According to Nacos (2012) “Terrorism is political violence or the threat or violence or the threat of violence by groups or individuals who deliberately target civilians or noncombatants in order to influence the behavior and actions of targeted publics and governments" (p. 32). We all understand the negative consequences of what terrorism can do and how it can influence societies among the world from witnessing the horrible incident of the attack in New York on September 11, 2001. Now, media, politicians, and citizens overuse the term terrorism; making the meaning vague and hard to accurately define. The definition of terrorism is based solely on perception and what media and politicians want us to believe. A majority of Americans declare an incident as terrorism from who is getting attacked and the number of American causalities. Having different definitions of terrorism helps different government organizations with communication and response to situations based on what suits their particular roles and purposes. Terrorism does instill fear or intimidation among the American government and people. Bonger (2007) stated “ It is meant to instill fear within, and thereby intimidate, a wider ‘target audience’ that might include a rival ethnic or religious group, an entire country, a national government or political party, or public opinion in general." Terrorism mostly targets civilians and noncombatants.. Definitions of terrorism Since there is no exact definition to describe what terrorism truly is, it makes it hard to understand what exactly constitutes terrorism. Establishing a universal definition of terrorism has been a difficult process. Since the 1930s, domestic organizations have been trying to develop a definition of... ... middle of paper ... ...icular roles and purposes on how they must communicate and respond to a situation; it is important that explain their definitions of terrorism. Since the government has priority as to how terrorism is defined, there will always be conflict between government organizations as to who gets the “final say” in a situation. DEFINITIONS WITHIN TERRROISM STUDIES References Bonger, B. (2007). What is terrrorism? Key elements and history. InPsychology of terrorism (1st ed., p. 88). New york, New york: Oxford University Press. Bruce, G. (2015). Definition of Terrorism – Social and Political Effects. Retrieved September 14, 2015. Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code. (2013, August 20). Retrieved September 14, 2015. Nacos, B. (2012). The Perennial Debate: What is terrorism? In Terrorism and counterterrorism (4th ed., pp. 22-32). Boston, Massachusetts: Pearson Longman

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