Terrorism 4

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Why terrorism can be defeated
After investigating the history of terrorism and some of the major threats its posse, some observation were made. That terrorism can be managed and defeated with international commitment and resilience's. That the fight against terrorism can be viewed in three main stages. Firstly through international cooperation and military intervention, terrorist camps and recruitment can removed (Walters, 2008). Followed by counter-terrorism operations and programs (Best, 2009). Lastly predictions on future terror related problems associated with vulnerable threat areas can be made.
International cooperation in areas such as counter-terrorism has significant reduced the threat of terrorism since September 11 (Walters, 2008). Through a multi- stage strategy terrorism as a central force especially al-Qaeda has significantly been damaged. Prior to 9/11 the International community was already developing ways of combating terrorism as seen by the UN security council (Malone, 2005). This then lead to the attack on the twin towers which identified the central terrorist t...
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