Terror in War

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War has been an issue for all countries around the world for land, money, or power. Most of these wars are among the two countries, but two of them have been World Wars with all of the major powers of the world fighting. World War 2 is started by Germany and Japan with a few smaller countries against Britain, the United States, and Russia. This war is caused by the German’s hatred towards the Jews. Cynthia Ozick takes Holocaust survivor’s memories and creates her own short stories, which she thinks depicts the cruelty and brutality of war. Randall Jarrell is able to portray the same idea but through poems. Many improvements have been made to wars, which can be seen in the conflict in Afghanistan. In “the Shawl” and “a Front” the brutality of war is seen through short stories on people and soldiers, but not just in World War 2 other brutalities would be the War on Terror in Afghanistan. “The Shawl”, written by Mrs. Ozick, who heard these stories from holocaust survivors who endured the brutality of war in many different ways. Rosa, Magda, and Stella are three people traveling to a concentration camp together. Magda is Rosa’s baby that is hidden in the magic shawl. The magic shawl can feed a baby for three days and nights. With these people Ozick is able to depicts the cruelties of war. “The Shawl” depicts the hunger of many people in different ways. Stella, for instance, was ravenous, Rosa “thought how Stella gazed at Magda like a young cannibal.” Stella is so hungry that she wants to eat an innocent baby. There were also many other consequences of being hungry. Rosa is not able to produce milk for Magda. This caused not just her but also the baby to be malnourished. Magda’s body is “fat with air, round and full”. Even when Rosa... ... middle of paper ... ...is improved from Afghanistan is the communications. Many of the communications included telephone improvements. With more soldiers “aided by the presence of multiple providers, mobile-cellular telephone services continues to improve rapidly”(Index). A lot more people are being providing with telephones for contacting other soldiers. This also improved many businesses and helped their economy. Many of these changes are being improved to this today and are going to help win more wars and conflicts in the upcoming years. Works Cited http://whowhatwhy.com/2012/09/10/the-real-reason-for-the-afghan-war/ http://www.preservearticles.com/201106208250/8-factors-that-have-changed-international-relations-after-world-war-ii.html http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/world/afghanistan/2010-07-21-1Aafghanwar21_CV_N.htm http://www.indexmundi.com/afghanistan/telephone_system.html

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