Territorial Expansion Dbq

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Americans’ idea of expansion was one of the most controversial topics of the 1800’s. Naturally, there were two sides to this argument and they were both strongly defended. Those who were for expansion expressed the hopes of spreading the riches of religion to different territories in the country. Opponents desired for the country to be left alone following the theory of, “if its not broken don’t fix it”. Thus, the government had their hands full with the ongoing debate of territorial expansion.

Importantly, supporters knew that they needed an impactful defense to win over the people of the country. Therefore, they developed a strategic plan that arranged to move trade through Florida, Louisiana, and the Oregon territory in order to provide trade for the Gulf of Mexico. (Doc. A) It was important to supporters to
His wishes were for Texas to be added into the Union to aid in the expansion of the American Way and to rejuvenate the influence that religion once had on the people. (Doc. G) Indian territories seemed to have a strong impact on the desire to expand as well. (Doc. C) Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama were all territories for the Indians. Americans saw the Indians as a threat; their (Indians) constant opposition to education and religious events made the Americans view them as unjust. (Doc. D) As a result of these tensions, the Indians were moved to reservations out West. Senator Thomas Hart Benton was an advocate for the expansion. After being motivated by this argument, he provided a speech to share his predictions regarding the belief that Oregon would open trade with Asia. It is easily inferred that Benton was also in favor of the Indian Removal act. Benton defended his thought process of this removal by stating that in order for the U.S. to succeed, we must expand as much as possible and discover new lands and opportunities. (Doc.
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