Territorial Expansion DBQ Essay

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From 1800 to 1850, there was an increased interest in territorial expansion in the United States. During this time the United States found itself in a position to acquire more land, starting with the Louisiana Purchase all the way to the Mexican Cession. Upon reviewing the documents, it became clear that documents A, I, and H, were against the expansion the the United States while the rest documents were mostly for the expansion of the United States. However, each of the documents were conveying different views from various people spread out over the span of 50 years. Numerous amounts of debates emerged arguing if the United States should obtain the new land, and people’s thoughts on the matter were influenced by the different wars and activist groups, and…show more content…
In document E, the U.S. land territory is covered by the national bird, the bald eagle. For someone to see this in the 1830s, they would feel nationalistic sentiment about how that was the United States’ land and that since it was there land, they had a right to be on it. Those nationalistic feelings prompted in document E were a precursor for the reasons of expanding the U.S. territory as explained in document J, which was published in 1854. Document J describes how it the divine American’s right to have the land in Cuba, which was called Ostend Manifesto. This document refers to the United States’ desire, which was never achieved, to gain Cuba as a territory, which was supported by John Quincy Adams. Then in document G it illustrates how the U.S. should secure the Texas because gaining it would spread patriotism, and the ideals like liberty, on which the nation was based on. This was written by President Andrew Jackson and he divulges how he believes that attain this land will benefit the United States and would increase American
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