Term Paper: Judicial Review

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Judicial review is the power of the Supreme Court to review, and if needed, determine if the actions of the legislative and executive branches are unconstitutional. This power is important for the judicial branch in keeping the balance among the three branches of government and keeping the executive and legislative branches in check. The power of judicial was not described directly in the Constitution but it has been implied and since this power is not clearly outlined, it has been subject to change and different interpretations. Many political figures, documents, and cases have contributed to the evolution of judicial review and how it should be practiced by the Supreme Court in regard of deciding whether a law is congruous with the Constitution. The examination of judicial review and examples of its use is essential when attempting to understand this power.
The power of judicial review is not directly outlined in the Constitution but is implied through Article III and VI. Article III and VI establish that a judicial court will be created and will be in charge of cases regarding la...
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