Teresa's Visions In The Life Of Teresa Of Jesus

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In the writing of The Life of Teresa of Jesus, Teresa argued that her visions of God were real, to both herself and others. Sometimes during the text she doubted, and questioned herself about the truth of her visions. This self-questioning, and the divine nature of her visions, gave proof for her argument. I agree with her position. Teresa starts out the proof of God when explaining her first vision. This could not be done in an easy manor, due to the fact that it wasn’t a physical vision, but a divine one; one from God. Even so, she saw that it was from God, because she could feel his presence from His bright shining light. This can be applied in many instances of Godly visions throughout time. A biblical example is Moses and the burning …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how teresa realized that her visions of god were from god and not from the devil. she prayed to saints and god for help, based off her drive to be more heavenly.
  • Agrees with teresa that her visions of god were real and that she learned to rise up against those who thought she was crazy by trusting in the lord.
  • Analyzes how teresa makes headway in her argument in favor of her visions being from god. prayer, support from authorities, and searching will often reveal the truth.
  • Analyzes how teresa argued that her visions of god were real, to both herself and others. this self-questioning and divine nature gave proof for her argument.

She turned and prayed to Saints and God for help, based off of her drive to be more heavenly. She was not only calmed by the power of God, but she also had her eyes opened to His glory. This was due to the fact that when God made his glory known to her, He engraved so deeply upon her heart that she could never flee again. The holy engravement would still remain, even if she forgot the very vision where she realized this truth. This shows that Teresa realized the divine power of her visions. Realizing this, confirmed to her that her visions were from God and not from the devil. Even outsiders saw that she was changed by her experience. Paraphrased from Life of Teresa of Jesus, But she knew that she had jewels of her own love, as well as a changed soul. Other people even noticed too. She knew this wasn’t from the devil because of what happened in her spiritually. After this realization, Teresa was so transformed, that instead of thinking that she was crazy and believing the holy people, their questioning of her didn’t bother her as she lifter her eyes up to God for …show more content…

Feeling the presence of God is an overwhelming feeling, so it is completely normal for any human to question whether the vision come from a divine source, or not. Unlike physical visions like daydreams, visions from God leave us in deep thought about the meaning and reality of the vision. Teresa struggles with the sanity of what she sees, as holy people basically tell her that she is crazy. I am sure I would have a similar initial to them, being that I would believe a few holy people, rather than myself who would be the only one on my side. Taking the prospective as an outsider, it seems like she recognizes the vision as a Godly one, but then forgets all she has priorly discovered as a satanic craziness within herself. This to me seems to be going against what she has been trying to prove. In order to prove God’s presence on the next level, she gets guidance from a friend whom God put in her life. Even though Teresa is an authority figure and should be believed, she didn’t trust herself. I see her act of asking for advice from her confessor and saint friend, as adding more power to her reliability of her saying that God revealed himself in her visions. Even though she questioned herself about what she was seeing, in the end she realized that her visions were truly from a God who exists. No only that but she learned how to rise up against those who thought she was crazy by trusting in the Lord. I think that if she

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