Tension Between Hamlet And Horatio

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To be, or not to be, that is the question. To live, or not to live…that is the “question” in this play, Hamlet which is written by William Shakespeare, that plays a big role, such as when there seemed to be a tension between Hamlet and Horatio at the beginning of the play, especially towards the end where a strong friendship that occurred is tested. Also, finding out and being able to trust what we now call a “bff” (best friend forever) is easy for this current generation, but for Hamlet, it was not as easy. Hamlet has many trust issues, but seeing that he can confide in Horatio has kept Hamlet contained…for the most part. Shakespeare writes Hamlet as a play that seems to never have a dull moment, something is always happening before the next page is turned. Now discussing how Hamlet entrusted Horatio with almost…show more content…
Good night sweet prince,
And now flights of angels sing thee to thy rest! (Hamlet, V. II. 358- 365)
Evaluating the meaning of this quote by noticing the heartfelt words inside of it tells a story about these two best friends. They really did love each other enough that Horatio would rather die to save himself the heartbreak of seeing Hamlet die. The same could go vice versa. When death can bring such a friendship out it shows true. Hamlet, as a final wish, has asked Horatio to find the out the truth of what happened to his father. Once he knows for sure, he wants him to tell everyone. This will then set the supposed Hamlets ghost to rest, once he knows who has killed his father. Finally, bringing a long lasting friendship to this cold, cold world seemed impossible for someone like Hamlet. The fact that Hamlet found someone of whom he could trust and confide in earlier in the play foreshadows the ending. He needed that support of the honest Horatio to fulfill his quest to find and persecute his father’s killer. Hamlet lets Horatio know who he thinks the killer is and Horatio kind of puts an eye out on

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