Tennis Essay

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Our discussion is based on these silent features:- • This game is not popular because its expensive • Need special ground and facilities • Lack of Awareness • Affordable and patronage • Knowledge of rules and the game • Nature of the game • Class distinction game as compared to other games The game of tennis is not very popular in Pakistan. Initially tennis was played by the British in Pakistan and today it is legacy of those days and so it is not a common game in Pakistan and the common man at the grass root level is hardly aware how tennis is played, the ground and the gadgetry required so. Normally, participating in sports is not a matter of choice for an individual in Pakistan. Sports are mostly organized in schools, colleges, universities and some organizations like the Armed Forces, civil secretariat and some other notable entities for fitness purposes, and even there tennis is not very common except for defense department courts and the gymkhana. There is no regular information available about tennis on the electronic, print and social media and even if someone develops a lik...

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