Tenet Healthcare: Embracing Innovation

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Tenet Healthcare: Corporate Innovation Innovation is an integral part of any successful business entity. Innovation involves building a creativity culture, developing new business models, installing new technologies, and most importantly, innovative leaders (Davila, Epstein, & Shelton, 2013). The new, unstable and highly competitive healthcare environment requires innovative leadership to become successful in the effective execution of innovative practices. Davila, Epstein, & Shelton, (2013) describe the Seven Rules of Innovation: utilizing strong leadership on the organization’s innovation strategy, integration of innovation, matching innovation to organizational strategy, aligning good management systems in tension between creativity and value, neutralization of organizational resistance, recognizing the innovative process which involves people and knowledge both internal as well as external, and producing a proper metrics and rewards system. Tenet Healthcare has guided all its employees in establishing the seven rules guiding innovative practices. Its vision for sustainability in innovation is evidenced by committing itself to innovation as part of their strategic business plan. Tenet Healthcare: Corporate Innovation Tenet healthcare was founded in 1967 by three lawyers and headquartered in California (tenethealthcare.com). Described in the next paragraph, organizational innovative behaviors did not initiate with its inception. In identifying opportunities for innovation, some organizations turn their focus on product leadership, operation excellence and customer satisfaction (On Innovation, 2013). Tenet has accomplished innovative behaviors in all three areas. TENET HEALTHCARE: CORPORATE INNOVATION ... ... middle of paper ... ...THCARE: CORPORATE INNOVATION 14 References Advisory.com. Tenet Healthcare. Chaiken, B., Christian, C.E., & Johnson, L. (2012). Quality and Efficiency Successes Leveraging IT and new processes. Journal of Healthcare Information Management, 21 (1), 48-53. Compliance Institute, (2012). Tenet Healthcare. csublackboard.com 2013. Davila, T., Epstein, M.J., & Shelton, R.D. (2013). Making innovation work: How to manage it, measure it and profit from it. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publisher. ethics@tenethealth.com, 2013. Nelson, D.L, & Quick, J.C. (2009). Organization behavior, science, the real world, and you (6th ed.) Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. Our People. (2011). Tenet Healthcare, Corporate Sustainability Report. Tenet Healthcare Corporation/Healthier Hospitals Initiative. Healthier Hospitals. Tenethealth.com, 2012. Tenethealthcare.com, 2013.

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