Ten Supreme Court Decisions that Impacted the Reproduction Rights of Women

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Ten Supreme Court Decisions that Impacted the Reproduction Rights of Women When talking about Supreme Court decisions that have greatly impacted the lives of women it is very hard to settle on just five of the many cases that have been ruled in favor of the rights of women. When discussing the topic of reproductive freedom and The Supreme Courts rulings on these matters ten cases can and must be discussed in order to provide a total overview and timeline of these historic rulings. The American Civil Liberties Union has helped women breech the barriers of sexual repression, and has crusaded to help women win these reproductive rights and knowledge over the years since its founding in the repressed 1920's. In the decades following 1920 the ACLU has had an important role in influencing The Supreme Court into handing down decisions that led to the right of contraception, rights to abortion, the right to bear children, and the publication of materials valuable in understanding human sexuality. All of these Supreme Court rulings discussed lead to the valuable sexual and reproductive freedom we are experiencing in today's society. We should be thankful and take a bow to the crusades of women's rights groups such as the ACLU and their influences on The Supreme Court, and thus our daily and social ties to society. The first case I want to discuss involving the reproductive rights of women is Griswold v Connecticut. In this landmark case the Supreme Court struck down a state prohibition against the prescription, sale, or use of contraceptives, even for married couples. In this case , the Court held that the Constitution guarantee's a "right to privacy" when individuals make decisions about intimate, personal matters such as ... ... middle of paper ... ...portant right in the freedom of choice for women. In a more recent case in 1997 Schenck v Pro-Choice Network of Western New York, abortion clinics got the right to hold a 15-foot buffer zone around people or vehichles leaving or entering the clinics. This gave the female the right to go into an abortion clinic and exercise her right to get an abortion, without the threat or worry from protestors. All of these Supreme Court ruling's were important in shaping the reproductive rights of women from the mid-1960's to present day. Roe v Wade is still the single most important reproductive case for women to date, but as you can see with the other cases it is not the only significant one. All of these 10 cases have helped to shape the reproductive freedom that our society enjoys today, and it is our women's rights to exercise these laws because we are Americans.
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