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The Ten Coolest Games coming out in 2014 for the Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 were released with only a handful of games. While there are a few good ones, the truly amazing games are slated for release throughout 2014. The majority of these games will be coming out for both consoles but some are limited to a specific platform.
Honorable Mention
Kingdom Hearts 3: I have never played a Kingdom Hearts game but I know that they are very popular. The release date is unknown but is expected to be in 2014. Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be released for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.
Dragon Age: Inquisition: All of the previous Dragon Age games have been pretty good. This one is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2014. It will also be coming out for both systems.
Halo 5: Halo was a major factor in the success of the original Xbox. In recent years, the game’s popularity has dipped with the success of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Halo 5 is an opportunity for the series to reset and start over. They may never be able to take back the title as the best online shooter on the market but Halo 5 could still be a great game.

10. Elder Scrolls Online (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
Genre: RPG
Release Date: June 2014
When Elder Scrolls: Online was announced people were extremely excited. Skyrim had just taken the gaming communities’ breath away with its massive world and stunning graphics. The game also offered a fully customizable gear and skill system, so if you wanted to play as a mage but run around in plate armor you could. Elder Scrolls Online claimed that they were going to offer similar features. Over the past few months, that excitement has slowly diminished but for anyone...

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...e, after a collapse of society. You are a member of a special group that has been given the responsibility of protecting humanity. The game has customizable gear and weapons that are unique to specific areas in the game. This allows people to essentially display their achievements on their characters. There are three known races but they do not have any special racial abilities so you can play the one you like best. There are also three known classes, one of which is a warlock class that uses a combination of guns and magic. Destiny is primed to be the best game of 2014. If you want to play Destiny you should pre-order it right away because there are a limited number of pre-orders that will be given beta codes this spring/summer.

If you haven’t picked up your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One I highly recommend that you do before you miss out on one of these great titles.
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