Tell Tale Heart Analysis Essay

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1.1 Background

The mission of the Faculty of Information Management (UiTM) is to train professionals in the field of study to balanced information, knowledge and competitive cultured, honorable and sensitive to the needs of national development. Committed to provide ongoing training and continuing education to professionals of information and research services as well as consultancy. Meanwhile the mission of UM is to produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates to date, which can meet the international market and competitive in the field of computer science.Definition of terms offer programs at UiTM is IM245 (Bachelor of Science Information Systems Management (Hons). This recognises Programme as a strategic information resourse. Meanwhile course code programs at University of Malaya is WEM, bachelor of computer science (system and information management)

1.2Issues and problems Problems faced by students in UiTM is they learn through OBE (Outcome Based Education) are not fully dependent on the lecturer. Meanwhile, there are problems in the program at UM is a long learning period, there are two degrees that's should be taken. Additionally, too many credit hours 127 credits, making it difficult for students to focus on each subject compared with IMS245 only 122 credit hours.
1.3 Solutions/ Alternatives UM should decrease the subject in each semester, so that's students will more focused in other subjects and learning period for WEM program takes 3 to 4 years. And suggestion for UiTM not use standard OBE Because not all student will learn on themselves, should hire mentors or advisors to pursuade students in studying and doing the assignment givens and do more lectures.

2.1 Comparisons As a professional information system, comparison between management Information System in UiTM Machang program with a Bachelor of Computer Science
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