Telework Benefits

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677 words

Working for my families new small-owned business that is expanding rapidly, I believe we should switch to telework for our employees. I think this is smart to do so we can become closer to our clients. There are three main advantages that I believe we should act on to make our business more successful and create better relationships with clients. The benefits of telework include more productive time use such as synchronous and asynchronous, telework creates media richness to help build relationships with clients, and telework lowers cost of office space by allowing your employees to work virtually. Time use is such an important aspect of any business. The main goal for many companies is thinking how can we be the most beneficial with our

In this essay, the author

  • Recommends switching to telework for employees to make their business more successful and create better relationships with clients. telework benefits include more productive time use, media richness, and lower office space costs.
  • Explains that time use is an important aspect of any business. telework would create the advantage of creating that beneficial time our employers want the employees to utilize. asynchronous time has the most immediate advantage with clients.
  • Explains that telework creates a huge advantage of increasing media richness with our clients. technology has created the ability to have fact-to-face interactions with clients, but still be in different cities, states, or countries.
  • Opines that being able to work virtually lowers the cost of office space since more people would work from home.
  • Opines that moving to telework would save thousands of dollars a month by not having to lease large office space, and boost the moral and confidence of their employees.
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