Television 's Effect On Television

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Contrary to popular belief; Television is actually stronger than it has ever been since its creation. This is something that may not be as popular as it used to be, but what it lacks in viewers, the demand for it is higher than ever. More people skip out on television these days, but one thing they are doing instead is watching TV. Now this may make me sound like I am out of my mind, or a lunatic, but think about it. When you turn off your satellite broadcast what do you do instead? Some people may watch a movie, but the vast majority of people who watch live TV will go straight to their streaming service in which so many use today. Now this begs the question can something as new as streaming movies, and TV shows actually compete with live television? There is no true way to see into the future, but based on the past few years, the answer is that not one single source will ever eliminate the other. The most interesting thing about streaming television shows is that they can be watched consecutively without having the hassle of a commercial interruption. Now if we were asked if we were a fan of ads we would likely answer NO! When in all actuality there is something about watching an ad which audiences seem to enjoy. It could be that they subconsciously like some variety to what they are watching, and it can even be a way to stay in touch with new and exciting things for consumers. No matter what we try to tell ourselves about television every single person who enjoys any kind of TV show- deep down- loves to watch live TV even if it means dealing with those “annoying” ads. Now there are many of different ways to watch TV shows, and they all have their perks, and downsides. Netflix- the biggest competition- is a pay to watch telev... ... middle of paper ... ...nge that. The way that television has become a part of our society is astonishing. People live their entire lives dedicated to just a singular show, idolizing the people on the show, and this is because of the relationships that television has created deep within a majority of us. You will notice that shows from many years in the past are still being played if they were successful. This is due to in large part the fact that they became a part of our routine, and they still resonate with us today just as graduating from high school or getting married does. A show may not hold as much weight as getting married, but the point being is people have a special place in their hearts for TV shows that they watched in the past. As streaming services gain popularity in the future, television will not only stick around, but it will thrive just as it has done for the past century.
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