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Television content has always been produced and consumed, but the method of consumption has changed over time. Today the same content is being consumed from two main sources, broadcast television and Internet TV. The traditional production model of television distribution has evolved very little since the 1960s and is being surpassed by other forms of content distribution, such as Internet TV. Although traditional Television will not be fully replaced by the internet, its business model also needs to evolve if it is to remain a key distribution method. *** (not sure what to write to tie in the past present and future)
Firstly, television was once the best way to consume information and entertainment just as radio was in the 1950s. When television came along, it started gaining traction very quickly. The 1960s and 1970s were the tipping point between consuming content on radio or television. The television was in 98% of the homes in the United States with great content being shown, which helped the sales of advertising. The presidential elections, John F. Kennedy’s presidential speeches, and the moon landing (University of Texas) are just a few of the important moments which were televised. The reason television was able to take the lead over the radio so quickly was because television supplied the audience with something that radio could not, a visual aspect to the story, a feeling that the audience was present witnessing the event.

Shortly after that time, there was the rise of the TV guide. This launched an age when TV became part of people’s schedules. They would look for when the new episode of their favourite show was scheduled and then reserve that time so as not to miss it because there was no other way to watch it af...

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...ies in the comfort of their homes. Internet TV on the other hand does not have a Pay-Per-View system established and would have a more difficult for internet services to obtain the rights to movies with the association of the internet and pirating.


In conclusion, Internet TV is surpassing television as the preferred method to consume content however television will not be fully replaced. In the future, the way that television can remain a major broadcasting medium is by providing what Internet TV provides: accessible content on demand. They can also take advantage of their strengths which are shows being played on television first and Pay-Per-View. In the past, radio was not able to compete with television but it has survived and evolved. Television can also survive if it competes by using its strengths while evolving with society and the marketplace.

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