Telemachus Reflection Paper

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I’ve always admired stories about a character who confronts a foe that is more adept than them and, by the end of the tale, becomes more wise and stronger than what they were in the beginning of the story. It reminds me of what it’s like to grow up; it reminds me of when I was a kid and how I grew up to become who I am today. Therefore, I chose Telemachus as my main focus because his story involves him changing from a gripping, young man to a cunning, mature man. Also, I’d like to point out that I didn’t choose Odysseus because throughout majority of the text, when he is the narrator, Homer reveals that Odysseus is an unreliable narrator and a liar. Besides, Telemachus is a more loving and caring person toward the people of Ithaca no matter…show more content…
Telemachus is just a mere weak boy who can’t stand up to the suitors and wishes that his father, Odysseus, would return to be rid the suitors from their house, but, the warrior goddess of wisdom, Athena, convinced Telemachus that it was time for him to change his ways and take action against the problems he faces. Evidence about Telemachus’ childish behavior is seen in this excerpt from book…show more content…
Telemachus isn’t famously known yet, so no one outside of Ithaca knows about his quest to seek out his father. When Telemachus arrives at Menelaus’ palace in Sparta, no one knows that Odysseus’ son is the visitor. Helen, Menelaus’ wife and queen of Sparta, was the only person to recognize Telemachus, but she only recognized him because of his striking resemblance to Odysseus. Helen doesn’t praise Telemachus for wanting to search his long lost father; she tells Telemachus about the feats his father accomplishments in the Trojan War and how she admires Odysseus as a cunning, strong leader. Another clear fact why Telemachus is only seen as being Odysseus’ son is that Telemachus idolizes his own father. Even though he never was acquainted with his father because Odysseus left him when was a baby, he saw Odysseus was a powerful, cunning leader that lead men into Troy during the Trojan War, an epic hero. Despite Odysseus’ absence in Telemachus’ childhood, Telemachus explains that he is at ease and doesn’t mind his absence. It is probable that Telemachus strives to be exactly like his father. Evidence for this claim is seen in book twenty-two when Telemachus unquestionably follows his father into battle with the suitors in their halls and unquestionably follows Odysseus’ every command in his plot to be rid the
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