Telecommunication Industry Essay

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TOP 10 TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT COMPANIES IN THE WORLD 2014 Telecommunication equipments industry is a highly dynamic industry, which is growing at a rapid rate. Different players in this industry are trying to focus and invest largely in R&D. Deregulation, technological convergence and globalization are the three major underlying factors that affected the dynamics of the telecommunication industry during the 1990s. This highly affected the telecommunication industry also. This character led to joint venture formation, merger & acquisition etc. between companies in this industry. Here there are top 10 companies in telecommunication equipment industry are listed below according to their revenues. 10. Corning Corning Incorporated is a public company which produces glass, ceramics, and related materials, particularly for industrial and scientific applications. Asia-pacific and North American are its major working regions. Corning has operations in 70 plants across 13 countries. It is headquartered in Corning, New York and it has 30,400 employees. It was established as Corning Glass Works in 1851. The present corporation was created in December 1936. It has operations in six business segments: optical communication, life sciences, specialty materials, display technologies, environmental technologies and other. The optical communication segment provides OFC cables and other optical communication equipments like connectors, splice, USB optical cables etc. The specialty materials segment develops innovative, different varieties of glass materials. Corning’s Display Technologies segment produces high technology glass which is using in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The environmental technologies segment produces filters for polluti... ... middle of paper ... ...o build an efficient Internet Protocol based network architecture. IP transport division design, produce and market products and equipments for optical communication data transmission. IP platform division provides software and related services to enterprises to manage their customer voice and data communication. Alcatel-Lucent’s second business segment consists of four divisions: Wireless, Fixed Access, Licensing and Managed Services. In 2013, 52% of the revenue was from this segment. Remaining 6% of revenue was from third segment Enterprise and Government businesses. Revenue: $ 19.891 B (in the financial year ended on Dec 2013) Net Income (loss): $ (1.783) B (in the financial year ended on Dec 2013) Growth: (0.09%) (increase in revenue over financial year 2012) Asset: $ 30.170 B (in the financial year ended on Dec 2013) Market Value: $ 11.426 B (on 25 May 2014)
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