Teens and the Media

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People are subject to advertisements from the moment they are born. The American Psychological Association, as stated in “Facts About Marketing”, reveals that “the average American child today is exposed to an estimated 40,000 television commercials a year.” The money being spent on these advertisements, according to Susan Linn; director of the coalition Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood “is estimated at over $15 billion annually” (“Facts About Marketing”). Businesses use this marketing strategy in order to “[make] people aware of a product” (Sukati). By putting a product in an advertisement, the company is helping potential buyers become aware of what is out there, and ultimately raising the popularity of their product. This rise in popularity will have “a positive impact on a company’s bottom line and image” (Sukati). More and more companies are turning the focus of their marketing on to teenagers. Even though a child is not the primary consumer in a household, he has a big influence on what his parents will buy. According to “New Dream America”, “55% of kids surveyed said they are usually successful in getting their parents to give in [to buying a product].” These children will continue to be consumers into adulthood, and the brands they favor now will most likely stay with them. An analysis of specific strategies and effects of the media shows that children and teens must be taught how to properly recognize the risks in this necessary marketing strategy. Businesses know that attracting teenagers is a key factor in keeping their company alive. After all, the teenagers of today will become the adult consumers of tomorrow. This trend of advertising to youth is not a relatively new concept. As stated in a 1998 article, “Ma... ... middle of paper ... ...ics, 2006. Web 28 Jan 2011. “Facts About Marketing to Children.” newdream. New American Dream, n.d. Web. 27 Jan 2011. Fuller, Heidi A., and Amy M. Damico. “Keeping Pace with Teen Media Use: Implications and Strategies for Educators.” Journal of Educational Research 101.6 (2008): 323- 332. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 19 Jan. 2011. "Marketing to Teens - Advertising Strategies." Media-Awareness. Media Awareness Network, 2010. Web. 23 Jan 2011. “Readers' Responses: Opinions on Advertising” topics-mag. TOPICS Online Magazine, 2009. Web. 23 Jan 2011. Schrank, Jeffrey. "Handout: The Language Of Advertising Claims." The University of Mississippi. Web. 08 Feb. 2011. Sukati, Zindy. "What is the Purpose of Advertising and a Look at Effective Online Advertising." ezinearticles. EzineArticles, 01 11 2008 . Web. 28 Jan 2011.

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