Teens and Prescription Painkillers

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Drugs, both legal and illegal, play a large role in our ever changing society. In today’s news, the topic of marijuana legalization is discussed and debated by politicians on a daily basis. What we do not discuss, however, is one of the fastest growing affairs in teens and young adults throughout the country. Next to marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco, prescription pills are the most abused substance by youth aged 12 to 17. Prescription drug abuse can be defined as taking a prescription drug that was prescribed for someone else or in a manner or dosage other than what was prescribed. (Facts On Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs) Narcotic painkillers are drugs that contain or are derived from opium. Opium is an addictive drug that comes from the juice of the opium poppy flower. (Opium) Prescription drug abuse among the teenagers of the United States is a rapidly growing issue. According to NIDA For Teens, the majority of teens and young adults obtain prescription drugs from friends and relatives, sometimes without their knowledge. In some cases, the substance can be prescribed to t...

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