Teens Should Not Have Access to Emergency Contraception

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Teens don’t think thoroughly about their decisions when taking actions, which could end up as results of regret. Teenagers are not wise enough to understand how things work therefore they have their parents to help them out make appropriate choices. The choices that are made in early life can affect the teenager in their future. The parents should advice their teens about the dangerous and precautions in life and how to deal with problems the right way. Teenagers who get no advise from parents or any other adult sometimes tend to walk down the wrong path making wrong decisions. When it comes to have sexual intercourse teens should protect them selves to avoid getting themselves in sticky situations. Teen girls have the choice of protecting themselves in many ways but it should be discussed with a relative they could get advise from. Teens should not have access to emergency contraception without parental consent because teens are not mature enough to know the consequences of consuming emergency contraception, which they might regret later in life.
Teens Should Not Have Access to Emergency Contraception Without Parent Consent
The new drug, ulipristal acetate, also known as Ella One is an emergency contraception drug that is said to work up to five days after having unprotected sex. The drug is only effective if women take it within three days of having sex. This drug was sold in only Europe but now is sold in America too. The drug is reported to be the most widely used emergency contraceptive pill (Bartells). The pill sometimes prevents women from pregnancy but sometimes the drug puts an end to the new human life inside.
How does the pill work? It prevents ovulation or fertilization by changing tubal way of sperm and ova. It also...

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