Teenages and Social Media

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Teenagers have become dependent on social media and networking sites. In fact 25% of teenagers log on to a social media site ten or more times a day. (Lepi, 2013) However, Larry D. Rosen found interesting information in a study about teenager psyche, saying, “Daily overuse of media and technology has a negative effect on the health of all […] teenagers by making them more prone to anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders, as well as by making them more susceptible to future health problems.” (2011) What exactly is a social media or network site? A dictionary definition would say social media are forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. (Merriam Webster, 2013) The most common examples include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. (Bennet, 2013) Teenagers use social media and networks to find out information, talk to people who live far away, or vent and tell everyone every detail of their life. This dependency on social media has a drastic effect on a teenager’s relationships and can have long term effects on their social capabilities. Studies are showing how many teens find it easier to communicate online than face to face; the teens think being behind the screen makes it easier to connect with one and another. This, in turn, makes deception a more common occurrence on the web. The three biggest areas effected from social media and networks on teen relationships would be between significant others, distant and close family, and friends. There are both negative and positive effects in all three areas but, in most situati...

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