Teenagers, School and Adulthood

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High school is a child’s dream. Being young and seeing all the teenagers walking in front of the school with one another, not having to be in single file line is so tempting to desire to already be in the ninth grade. Looking at all the cars students are allowed to drive to school instead of riding with their mother or father, or having to ride the school bus. Thinking of all the “freedom” that high school students are given makes middle school and elementary school students even more impatient to make it to high school. Is it really all we thought it was as a child? In the article “Let Teenagers Try Adulthood”, Leon Botstein argues that the American high school is outdated and should be totally rebuilt. In my opinion, he is totally correct! In our modern day school system, I feel that we are learning things that are completely irrelevant to our life and we will never use again after high school. For example, a lot of the mathematics we are taught in high school, most of us will never see again, or simply it will just slip away from our brains. I believe that we should only lea...
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