Teenagers Need Curfews

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Our city council believes that teenagers should not be out on the streets past ten p.m on weekdays and after midnight on the weekends, but the guides should be modified. Teenagers are on the streets at night and with that it's not always safe. Horrible things can happen at night. Teenagers should have commands placed upon them, but with leniency. They need statutes because they are adventurous, to keep them out of trouble, and for safety precautions.
Adventurous teens
Teenagers are adventurous, but some are responsible so their should be some leniency with the laws they are wanting to enforce. The youth who work are sometimes required to stay late after work or get off of work at ten p.m. If the reason was justified for being out, then there would be no trouble. Otherwise if they were out just to be on the town, actions should be taken. Teenyboppers love to go out without supervision. That is not an acceptable reason for teens to be out after ten p.m if the law went through. If laws were in place, a lot of accidents such as vehicular wrecks and drunk driving would not happen.
Trouble comes
When a lot of minors get into trouble some would say let teens be teens! Teenagers get to the age where they feel like life is at their feet and they do what they want to do. When they do that they have a bigger chance of losing everything in life. Trouble creeps around and what they thought they had is gone right before their eyes. How would they feel if one day they had the whole world and after one crazy night of fun it's gone? Life goes on day by day. One night of disobeying the rules could hurt the rest of their lives. So to conserves the futures of doctors and lawyers and so on so tough rules should be enforc...

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...out their parents knowledge? If an officer was to see them they would have consequences for breaking curfews.Laws being enforced is not a bad thing to do to teens it can safeguard them. Teenagers try to grow up so fast and try to be in a grown up place that they are not ready for , and make very unintelligent moves.
How many teenagers get kidnapped while being out late? How would that mother or father feel if it was their teen? Would they now wish they stayed in that night or they had rules that prevented them from going out that night ?
Teenagers should have rules placed upon them but with some leniency they need rules because they are adventurous, to keep them out of trouble and safety precautions . Teenagers should be kept safe and rules help that happen, we need the teens so that we have our doctors and lawyers and so on to take care of us when were old.
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