Teenager's Love Life Written as a Diary Entry

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Teenager's Love Life Written as a Diary Entry I wrote a short story for a teenage magazine aimed at girls of approximately 14 years of age. This story would relate to teenagers and may even advise in certain situations. It is a short story about a teenager’s love life written as a diary entry. I modelled my story on the short stories found in teenage magazines, aimed at girls of the same age range that I have written for. In research I have carried out into language and writing short stories, I found a section about the language and style of magazines. This text displayed the variety in magazines and some of the features mentioned, I have used where I felt appropriate. For example, I considered the length of paragraphs ‘to suggest visually that the content is light and undemanding, a technique widely employed by magazines.’ This would also apply to the intended audience of my piece, as a long text that seems as though it would need more concentration would not appeal to this age group. The lexis in my piece is not complex, but very accessible. The text contains some lexis which is Latinate in origin, such as ‘appreciate’ which shows sophistication. However lexis such as this lexical verb is not often used. When writing my piece I decided it was not necessary to use proper nouns as it is a first person narrative. There are also only two characters involved and therefore with the use of proper nouns such as names, this piece may have become quite clumsy and confused. The fact that it is written in diary format is also a factor in this decision as a diary is secret, and the fact that the use of proper nouns is very limited keeps this theme. It shows the text to be secret and personal to the writer. In the opening paragraph of the text I aimed to engage the reader by the use of the pronoun ‘you’ which immediately tells the reader that they are being spoken to.

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