Teenage Dating Problems

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Statement of the Problem
Teenagers go through high and low emotional feelings doing their teen years. They may find themselves feeling lonely, like no one quite understands them. They often lash out the most at those closest to them. Their bodies are developing at a faster rate than their mind and intellect can understand .This happens particularly during their early teenage years. With these new intense, unsettling feelings, many teenagers struggle internally not knowing what to do as an outlet. Many teenagers are uncomfortable with opposite sex attention and some become addicted. The addiction can lead to promiscuous behavior. The issue of teenage promiscuity seems to lie in the struggle of self-identity
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This is so important in the education of teens because they are a group in society that have been known to have multiple sex partners. Research contends that teenage dating has significantly changed from previous decades. Dating use to be something that was a big deal and more formal. A date was something teens to great pride in and making out was the furthest they would go. Times have certainly changed and a data now may consist of a movie and “hooking up”. Some teenagers have come up with the illusion that oral sex may be safer than intercourse. Teenagers report as saying oral sex erases the chance of unplanned pregnancy. This also is a very dangerous act. Teenagers fail to realize oral sex can lead to herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. STDs can be transmitted by mouth contact and also sores in the mouth pose a threat. The purpose of this proposal is to examine how the lack of correct information, practices, and irresponsibility can be a contributing factor to unforeseen circumstance, negative consequences in the form of unwanted pregnancies. No teenager who has ever found themselves in this situation reported that it was something they were equipped or prepared for. This is a…show more content…
Some think that methods such as “pulling out” and other rumors of preventing pregnancy will keep them from unwanted pregnancies. A lot of teenagers have the “never going to happen to me” belief. Sadly, pregnancies catch teenagers off guard and don’t understand what is going on with them when pregnancy symptoms arise. It doesn’t help that the media glorifies sex and irresponsibility. This factor singlehandedly contributes to a rise in teenagers participating in promiscuous behavior. It is seen as the cool, acceptable thing to do. Many teenagers become parents because they come from homes where there is lack of love and understanding, especially with the roller coaster emotions most are feeling in their teenage years. When a teenager perceives a lack of love they look for people and things to feel that void. Doing this period of transition in their adolescent years they look for ways to feel voids in their life by having sex, drugs, bad friends, rebelliousness, and irresponsibility. This behavior, along with other bad decisions regarding health and their body can result in negative
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