Teenage Addiction to Smoking

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Since the beginning of time society has battled the causes of addiction. Addiction has desecrated the nation’s health and has defiled the health of future generations. The hostile impact on young generations, addiction to smoking cigarettes is staggering. Smoking has taken an enormous toll on the minds and health of young teens around the world.
Teenage smoking is an epidemic that has derives from several causes. Smoking in young teens has become more common this day in age. Smoking in young teens is most commonly brought about by peer pressure. According to an article Teenage Smoking, “At no other time in life is peer pressure stronger than during the teenage years. Teens want to fit in and want to be cool, even at the expense of their health. It is hard to get many teens to stop smoking if everybody else is doing it” (Hamilton 2).Many concerned parents of adolescent teens want to stop their children from smoking. According to an article by Maureen Hamilton, “Before we are able to prevent teens from smoking we must understand why they started smoking in the first place, Is it big tobacco advertising? Stress? Friends or parents” (Hamilton 1).There are numerous reasons teenagers experiment with tobacco products but peer pressure has been found to be the leading cause to addiction. A handful of teenagers fall under the influence of peer pressure each day, however causes of smoking can originate from several things such as stress, family influences, and curiosity. Adolescent teens make living above the influence nearly impossible, especially trying to fit in with the crowd. Many kids start smoking because they are pressured to try it. When beckoning to fit in with friends it is difficult to say no to peer pressure, and it is the sol...

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