Teen pregnancy

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The issue of teenage pregnancy draws public attention in the recent years. Studies reported an increasing trend of teenagers had their first sexual experiences. Therefore, there is the risk of unintended pregnancies and abortions. And, male teenagers may be convicted to having unlawful sexual intercourse with girls under 16. Hence, teenage pregnancy could bring inevitable impacts on young boys and girls.

This paper first illustrates the general picture of teenage pregnancy and other related issues in Hong Kong. Second, the classical Control Theory by Hirschi (1986) and Moffitt’s Dual Pathway Theory are used to explain why teenagers engage in premarital sexual activities with local references. Finally, possible solutions are suggested to help teenagers by preventive measures and interventions.

Teenage pregnancy and relevant issues in Hong Kong

According to Mother's Choice, they receive an increasing number of pregnant unmarried women to nearly 3100 from 2011 to 2012. It is notable that nearly one third of them were under the age of 18. Moreover, from Caritas' interview, many young girls from 14 to 19 who dating with boys within six months were found pregnant.

Studies in these years report that there is an increasing trend of openness towards sexual attitudes among teenagers. And this may probably associated with the rising number of them engage in premarital and unprotected sexual activities, which also result in unwanted pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.

Researches reflect that sexual intercourse experiences are common among teenagers.
From FPAHK, proportion of girls who had their first sex at the age of 15 or below was 4.7% and that of boys was 6.8%. Both pe...

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...chool factors, study habits, working or time spent on leisure. When they involve in those conventional activities, they become busy and hence restrict the chance for delinquency.

Forth, belief refers to the degree to which person thinks they should obey the law. Section 123 and 124 of the Crimes Ordinance have prohibited unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl aged under 16. In ()’s research, a majority of interviewees have heard of the laws on this area but they still have misunderstanding to the law.
( )reflected that although the laws may alert them such as having safer sex or even refuse from trying to have sex, however some reported that law have little effect on their behavior. Other considerations like personal commitment; character, significant of the relationship are more likely to decide their actions.
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