Teen Vandalism...Who Pays?

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Parents of teen vandals should be held responsible for their child’s act of vandalism because, as parents, they maintain accountability of their children.

Due to the consequences of their child’s act of destruction and lack of morals and values, parents who maintain by law, total accountability of their children owe it to their community to pay for all costs incurred. The repercussions of family embarrassment may, in the long run teach not only the children how to obey authority through implemented rules and regulations, but it may also cause the parents to ultimately learn that their parenting skills need to align with acceptable standards of society. When faced with hundreds of dollars in court cost, legal fees and property damage assessments, a lesson can be learned by all parties involved. The consequence needs to fit the violation, so that it becomes a wakeup call to parents who are lacking the ability to maintain control of their children. Therefore parents of teen vandals should be held liable for their child’s act of vandalism.

In 2000 while living in Germany, three American teenagers were convicted on first degree murder charges for what started as an act of vandalism. The teens committed a horrific act resulting in a crime that ended with the death of two drivers in different cars, both traveling on a roadway when their cars were struck by bricks that were thrown from a bridge overpass above. As horrific as it was and devastating for the parents of the teens, there stands a reason why it should be their responsibility to pay for the trial cost and damages; a tough life lesson. The teenagers were sentenced to time in a German prison, leaving their parents to pay astronomical court cost and lawyer fees. However, the mo...

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