Teen Suicide

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In today’s society, teenagers are faced with problems on a daily basis. When they are unable to deal with those daily hassles, serious problems can develop within the teen that can ultimately lead to resulting effects including depression or even suicide. Suicide in teens is one of the most traumatic and problematic issues that we face today in not only adults but many adolescents as well. Today suicide is one of the top causes for death in teenagers, out shadowed only by homicides and accidents. Some of the top “accidents” include drug overdoses, single-car accidents, self-inflicted gunshot wounds, falls from bridges and buildings, and self-poisonings. Some youth suicide analysts believe that these were not accidents at all, but were in fact suicides and wrongly categorized. If these truly are suicides, then suicide would be the number one killer today in all teenagers (Nelson 22). Suicide is an increasing epidemic in teenagers because of the emotional effects, physical effects, and social effects.

Suicidal people are almost always full of conflicting emotions. Not all suicidal people really want to kill themselves (Schleifer 21). To some, suicide seems like the only option to deal with the pain that is attached with the emotional stress that accompanies suicide. Depression increases the magnitude of these feelings in the individuals. 75% of all people who commit suicide are depressed, according to a study done by the University of Texas (Teenage Suicide Causes). However, depression is just one among many painfully negative emotions that contribute to suicidal tendencies. Some of the other negative emotions include anxiety, anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness, and shame (Lezine 60). Any powerful emotional reaction can...

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