Teen Substance Abuse

Many teens in this generation struggle with drug abuse. Drug abuse is the habit of taking addictive or illegal substances. When using them they can cause serious health problems. It can also possibly ruin a life. What causes some teenagers to use drugs? Many factors contribute to the leading causes of drug abuse, a few are: easy access, social acceptance, and emotional issues.
Why is substance abuse increasing throughout adolescents? Teens become curious to experiment with drugs when they hear about them and see them. It is possible for a teen to hear that a drug is fun and it could easily make a person feel good and act different. A teen could have had a close friend or family member using drugs, and while the teen saw someone close to them behaving odd, they became curious and decided that they wanted to see what it was like for themselves. Some of the places a teenager can find or get a substance are in the most common places. A lot of teens have an easy entry to drugs at home. “Teens say they can get prescription drugs easier than beer, marijuana, etc.”(Friedman) “Teens that know prescription drug abusers say that 34% get it from their parents, at home, or in the medicine cabinet. The other 31% said that they get it from friends or classmates.” (Friedman) The study shows that teens have very easy ways to get ahold of drugs. It also makes it easier for kids to get a hold of drugs when their parents are lacking responsibility. “A few decades ago, parents used to have a lock on the liquor cabinet. Maybe there should be a lock on the medicine cabinet.” Says CASA chairman Joseph Califano Jr. (Friedman) Parents even have the choice to help their kids be aware by teaching about how drugs are dangerous and harmful. A parent’s job is...

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...ociety, but it also starts with them. Easy access, trying to fit in, and our own emotional issues are all something that we can deal with and take care of for ourselves. What are you doing to do about teen drug abuse?

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