Teen Pregnancy and Abortion: Young Girls Should Have The Rights To Abortion

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Abortion, the termination of a fetus in a women’s early days of pregnancy, can have many benefits for women and also the fetus inside of the women. Abortion has been practiced since the 1650’s, and is still being practiced today in America. Although it used to be illegal, it became legal in 1973 after the court case, Roe v. Wade. This procedure has saved many lives over the years. Abortion can be performed surgically in a clinic, or with special pills to abort the fetus. Women should have the right to an abortion because it can save her life, she might have been raped or, taken drugs that might have harmed the fetus. Also, the fetus might have a disability and there is a chance that the mother might be a teen without enough money to support her baby financially.
Women have the right to choose whether or not they want to have the baby, in cases such as rape. In this case, the women might not want to have the baby because she might be mentally traumatized by the incident. Having the baby could be a constant reminder to her about what she went through. If a woman gets raped, they might also end up with an STD that could have an effect on the fetus. According to The Orlando Women’s Center, nearly thirteen thousand have abortions each year because they were raped. As liberals would say, a fetus at very early stages is not a human life. Therefore, if the woman wants an abortion, she is not harming anyone in the process; in fact, she is most saving herself from going through all this trouble of taking care of the baby.
Many young girls should have the right to an abortion if they are not financially stable. Teen pregnancy in the United States is very high, and most of the teens that are pregnant don’t have any support from the fathe...

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...ant teen should know the consequences and should be able to have an abortion if she chooses to.

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