Teen Pregnancy and Abortion

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Teenage pregnancy significantly impacts an adolescent’s education, as well as the goals they have set for themselves. Parental involvement is sometimes overlooked by the teen while deciding if abortion is the right choice. Most teenagers have access to obtain an abortion without their parents’ permission because some states consider a pregnant teen an adult. When states consider a pregnant adolescent an adult, the teen has the authority to make their own decisions. One reason why abortion is a chosen procedure by young adults is to continue their education and receive an ideal career in the future. Teens have a difficult time caring for themselves while attending school, less lone adding a child to the scenario. They realize that they are unprepared and too immature for a life consisting of caring for another human being. The abortion process is a procedure teens have access to, without the parents involvement, for a way to continue their education without having a dysfunctional future.
Teenagers may choose to undergo an abortion for several reasons. Before any action is done, teens have to gain access to obtain this procedure.
Within the medical community, widespread support exists for underage access to abortion services. A poll conducted among U.S. physicians who are members of the Society for Adolescent Medicine revealed that pediatricians overwhelmingly supported (96%) adolescent access to abortion under some circumstances (Miller, Miller, & Pinkston Koenigs, 1998). In fact, 61% support access to abortions under any circumstance. (Bernadi 949)
The medical community supports minors that decide to terminate their fetus for moral reasons. The access teenagers have to go through with an abortion varies within the public. It may b...

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