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Becoming pregnant at a young age is a frequent yet avoidable mistake that will affect you for the rest of your life. Since the 1990’s the number of teen pregnancies has lowered but is still an avoidable situation that adolescents can prevent. This paper will explore recent statistics and consequences of teen childbearing and ways to prevent the situation.
Statistics show that teen pregnancy has declined since past years but still continues to be a problem among adolescents. For example from 1990 to 2010 the teen birth rate has declined from 61.8 to 29.4 for every one thousand teen girls (Teen Pregnancy & Childbearing 1). Even with a decrease from the past twenty years, National statistics show that in 2012 there were still 305,388 teen births. On average there were twenty-nine births for every one thousand girls and only fifty-four percent were planned. More pregnancies occur among girls of minority. For example forty-six out of every one thousand girls of Hispanic descent were pregnant in 2012 while African American girls had close to forty-four for every one thousand. Compared to Caucasians they had more than half of the number of teen births in the year of 2012. With a drastically large number of teen births in the year of 2012 alone, 9.4 billion dollars were spent on teen childbearing. New York State alone spent 337 million for 12,592 teen births. The number of teen pregnancies compared to teen births also has a drastic difference. For example the teen pregnancy rate was 41,590 in the year of 2012, compared to 12,592 births. Meaning thirty percent of the girls terminated their pregnancy. With ...

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...ation. Sex education and access to contraceptives will prevent teens from making the wrong decision. Healthcare providers should also make teens aware of the sexual risk behaviors such as HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and dating violence (Teen Pregnancy & Childbearing 1). In order to prevent the number of teen pregnancies from increasing, adolescents need support from their peers, parents and the media. Teens need to be aware of the negative outcomes and want a healthy future consisting of education, a job, and a healthy relationship.
Teen pregnancy is still a continuing problem that will only get worse if adolescents are not properly informed of the consequences it will have on their life. With statistics showing how serious of a problem it is, teens need to know ways of prevention. It’s an avoidable mistake that will affect them for the rest of their life.

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