Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy

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When it comes to the topic of teen pregnancy, some of us will readily agree that shows like “16 and Pregnant” promotes teenage pregnancy. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how producers of “16 and Pregnant” have made stars out of teen mothers. Whereas some are convinced that “16 and Pregnant” has helped reduce pregnancy rates, others maintain that teens see the fame and benefits of having a baby. I agree that “16 and Pregnant” promotes teen pregnancy because after “16 and Pregnant” got so many views MTV decided to do a spin off show called “Teen Mom.”
“16 and Pregnant” shows some of the struggle that teen mothers have to face.
Financial issues are a huge deal when you have a baby at a young age. MTV doesn’t let the viewers see that because stars on “16 and Pregnant” make the max of $5,000 an episode. According to the article “‘Teen Mom’ Stars’ Salaries Revealed” Jordan Sanchez states “The money is the only reason he’s willing to do the show. You can’t walk away from money like that” (“‘Teen Mom’ Salaries Revealed”). Basically Sanchez is saying that the money they make on the show is what they really want. Stars of “16 and Pregnant” don 't try to show teens that being pregnant young is a struggle because all they want is the money. How are teens supposed to learn from “16 and Pregnant” when MTV lies about the financial compensation the mothers are getting.
“The Pregnancy Project”, a movie based on real event, shows how a senior in high school faked her pregnancy for her senior project. In the movie she showed how her fellow students seen her as a stereotype. A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. The students at her school...

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... a child at a young age.
Teenage pregnancy is a big issue in the world and shows like “16 and Pregnant” help teens see what it would be like to have a baby. It make teens look into birth control and other sex related issues. MTV has helped teens see the truth about having a child and because of the show teenage pregnancy rates have dropped to 5.7% and that is a good thing for future generations.
“16 and Pregnant” is both good and bad for teens. I agree that teens learn from the bad that is in the show. Some teen mothers on the show have got arrested and have got convicted of drugs. One mother, Janelle Evans, got her son taken from her and had to go to rehab. When teens see that they realize that not all teen pregnancy are a good thing. “16 and Pregnant” mostly shows teens that there are benefits from having a baby. Mostly “16 and Pregnant” promotes teenage pregnancy.

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