Teen Pregnancy

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During teenage, kids think about themselves that they are big enough to do every thing and to make decisions by them selves and if any body hurt their self-efficacy the chances of negative reaction increase a lot. Parents should create environment of friendliness so that kids do not feel frustrated. Because when kids build up in an environment where they don’t get love from home and they get frustrated and in search of love they satisfy their frustration from outside. That mostly results in drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, smoking or other bad habits. Both far above the ground levels of parental administration and close relations linking teenagers and their parents were related to soon after time of teenager sexual commotion. Parental support of adolescent autonomy has been associated with later initiation of sexual intercourse (Hayes, 1987). Parents should help their kids to prevent from teenage pregnancy by increasing interaction with them. Parents should be friendly enough with kids and by building up understanding kids are more likely to obey their parents. Teenage pregnancy destroys self-esteem of kids. Sex education is essential in preventing unplanned pregnancies among the teenage population. Parents can help prevent teenage pregnancy by providing guidance to them about sexuality, contraception, and the risks and responsibilities of intimate relationships and pregnancy. Sex, sexuality, contraception and reproduction do not give teens the green light to have sex, as some parents fear (Christopher, 1999). An open, honest dialogue can prevent misinformation and unnecessary risk-taking. In developing countries, there are no specific services or programs to help teen parents. Today, students and teachers report a heavy emphas...

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...increase contraceptive practice. The costs of a teenage birth include less education for the mother, larger families, greater likelihood of a single-parent family, and fewer economic resources United States have a variety of programs and funding available to address teen pregnancy. The most important role a Governor can play is to provide leadership that will ensure that a range of programs and policies are part of the state's overall plan (Christopher, 1999). Governors who have successfully lowered their state's teen pregnancy rates have taken leadership, appointed committees, coordinated budgets, and assembled people to work on different pieces of the problem together. References Christopher Shays (1999) Preventing Teen Pregnancy: Coordinating Community Efforts Hayes, C. (1987) Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy and Childbearing
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