Teen Pregancy in the United States

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Teen pregnancy is a heavy topic in the United States that is now becoming the norm to most people. It has become broadcasted everywhere from TV shows, movies, and the Internet. Approximately 7% of teenage girl between ages 15-18 in the United States will become pregnant. Teen pregnancy has been down 42% since 1990 yet United States teen pregnancy rates are higher than any other first world country. Teenage pregnancy effects teenager’s physical health, social life, education, and jobs.
Teenage pregnancy causes physical health issues for both the mother and child. Its been stated, “9% of teen girls have low birth weight babies under 5.5 pounds.”(Howard Hughes) This can result in abnormalities in the child. Teens who get pregnant at a young age tend to be under nourished or battle with premature or prolonged labor (Howard Hughes), which can cause mental and physical side effects for the newborn. Some effects on the teenage mother are they are at risk of getting anemia, high blood pressure, placental problems, and pregnancy includes hypertension (Howard Hughes). The teen and child going through the pregnancy is such a risky situation for both the child and mother. “Teen mothers are less likely to gain adequate weight during the pregnancy leading to low birth weight” (Stanley Swierzewski). Low birth weight can cause health problems for the baby that can last through their lifetime. Many things can happen that lead to life long physical problems from substance abuse to complications in the pregnancy due to the age of the mother.
The experience of teenage pregnancy affects the social life of the teen tremendously. “Teen pregnancy has major consequences when it comes to people in your life. They could lose respect for you or just not ...

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...t their money should not go toward teenage parents.
Teenage pregnancy develops physical anomalies, an abnormal social life for a teen, a decrease in education, and can cause an unstable life financially. Lack of parental care can cause physical problems for both the child and the mother. The mothers social life can also be affected by making them leave their friends behind as she cares for her newborn. Teen mothers are also more likely to drop out of high school due to complications in caring for their child. Stable jobs are typically harder to find with a lack of higher education and cause financial instability for the mother. From its peak in 1990, teen pregnancy rates have declined by 42% by 2008 (Healthyteennetwork.org) yet this is still higher than any first world country. Teen pregnancy is an ongoing battle and should be considered won when it is eradicated.

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